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Loma Systems has developed an X-ray system designed for detailed inspection of larger products such as bulk meat in film or Euro crates and meat boxes.

The X4 800XL inspection system uses Loma X-ray technology and incorporates a large aperture in-feed system that can handle large products.

According to Loma, the food and general packaging industries are currently seeking to reduce interim primary packaging by upsizing raw materials to the legal limits of product handling.

This presents a series of challenges, particularly to food processors that handle meat, large sacks of food ingredients or any other solid or semi-solid foodstuff, such as large, unprocessed blocks of cheese.

It is in the first stage of product handling when a product reaches the processing halls that traditional inspection is carried out.

The challenge incurred by all producers from larger sizes is ensuring the same quality of accuracy as before.

The end user of the X4 800XL is likely to be in 24/7 operation, so the system has been designed with IP66 environment specifications for tough industrial locations.

Built with heavy-duty conveyor components and high-quality electronics, the system offers the utmost level of reliability and performance.

Responding to customer demand, Loma has installed the most up-to-date sanitising system incorporating an easy-wash conveyor with a full draining capability and Loma’s colour touch interface.

It is essential for food processors that the line speed is consistent with the performance of the rest of the process line; the X4 800XL has a normal belt speed up to 50m/min maintaining an accurate and efficient performance.

The X4 800XL incorporates an industrial-grade PC and front access USB port.

The computer vision system utilises Loma’s image processing and 3D modelling system, together with full diagnostic and system health monitoring, with date and time, image and event stamp archiving, together with the Loma remote support tools.

Loma’s OPC Data Capture system and Loma Enet are designed to help quality managers use their inspection equipment as a management tool, as well as a process control by compiling fully featured production reports.

The X4 800XL extends Loma’s X4 range of X-ray machines, which includes the X4 Sideshoot for can and bottle inspection; the X4 Pipeline for diced meat, pastes and slurries; the X4 Bulkflow, which examines loose and unpacked product; and the X4 Finepitch, which locates the smallest of contaminants, such as splinter chicken bones.

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