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Chloride and Lovelock and Taylour have announced that London Fire Brigade has deployed two Chloride 80-NET uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units at its fallback centre in Stratford.

London Fire Brigade is the largest fire and rescue service in the UK.

Its continuity of services is guaranteed by maintaining both a response centre and a fallback centre that is used if the primary control room, for whatever reason, suddenly becomes unavailable.

The fallback centre is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Both sites have full access to the same mobilising information, with ‘hot’ standby servers available to take over from each other in the event of a server failure.

‘London Fire Brigade required a solution to back-up and future-proof its emergency centre to provide protection from potential disasters and to provide continuity of services,’ said Roger Emerson, estimating engineer at Lovelock and Taylour.

Installed by Lovelock and Taylour, London Fire Brigade is now using Chloride 80kVA 80-NET UPS units.

The 80-NET UPS system from Chloride draws 20 per cent less input than a standard UPS system.

Using an 80-NET system reduces the switchgear ratings and subsequent cable sizes required, minimising generator ratings while maximising the usable power from the power supply.

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