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City Inn hotel in London is taking steps to improve on its energy efficiency by joining forces with t-mac technologies to further reduce electricity consumption and more effectively manage bills.

City Inn has begun a pilot programme to identify the impact on electricity usage of changing staff operating procedures.

The effect of the pilot will be tracked using the t-mac monitoring system, with the results being used to improve efficiency and save money across the entire City Inn group.

By installing the t-mac mini building electricity metering system, the hotel is able to identify any areas of high electricity consumption and take action to minimise waste.

Eleven different areas have been identified for sub-metering using t-mac, ranging from the plant room to the external lighting.

The system is highly interactive.

The City Inn team can log into the t-mac dedicated website and check electricity consumption in each area of the hotel and make changes accordingly, with t-mac logging every change so that the team can measure the effect of each change it makes.

David Orr, chief executive and co-founder of City Inn, said: ‘This is a key part of our strategy to reduce our impact on the environment.

‘The t-mac system is enabling us to scrutinise our electricity usage in incredible detail, down to identifying inefficient pieces of equipment and spotting when equipment has been left switched on.

‘We have built and designed every one of our hotels with the environment in mind, but improvements can always been made and t-mac has revealed many opportunities to become more efficient in our electricity usage.

‘We are progressing towards our environmental goals and saving money,’ he added.

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