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Lone Guardian has announced Guardian2, the second generation of its personal tracking and location devices for use in sectors such as security, construction, social care and leisure.

The device includes added features such as Bluetooth headset support, built in phonebook, preset status messages, indoor tracking and a welfare check monitoring mode.

It integrates fully with Lone Guardian’s control and mapping software, Webguard, providing a complete solution to help employers ensure the health and safety of field operatives and lone workers.

Guardian2 is a compact device that is said to be easy for workers to use.

It uses the latest assisted 50-channel GPS tracking technology and includes support for the new Galileo satellites.

Guardian2 includes a welfare check monitoring capability that avoids the frequent false alarms of traditional ‘man-down’ units.

Lone Guardian allows the user to independently manage their own welfare status, for those workers that are not always backed up by a control centre.

The device can be set with a ‘false-positive’ response, to fool anybody else who might take control of the unit.

A button push confirms the user’s status.

Failure to respond, or sending the false positive, will result in instant escalation back at the control centre.

For indoor location tracking the devices use Zigbee short-range wireless technology.

Zigbee is a very low power standard, helping to improve the battery life of Guardian2.

By equipping an office with small Zigbee beacons, the unit can triangulate its position with accuracy, effectively bringing GPS inside the building.

Lone Guardian’s management software, Webguard, provides visibility of tracked personnel at all times.

This means that companies can manage their workers effectively, meet their legal requirements for duty of care, and demonstrate to clients that staff are fulfilling their required assignments.

An ‘officer dashboard’ uses straightforward colour coding to constantly show the status of each worker in real time.

On-site and off-site alerts can be configured to automatically raise a warning if the individual is not performing their expected duties.

The Guardian2 solution also provides emergency alerts, geo-fencing, real-time and historical reporting, battery levels and detailed street-level mapping.

Each device features GPS tracking to an accuracy of 1.5m, an SOS panic button and two-way voice calls for up to 20 pre-defined numbers.

All of Lone Guardian’s products conform to the BS8484 standard for lone workers.

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