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Vapormatt has teamed up with Longyear to develop Vapormatt’s sales, marketing and technical support activities specifically in the wire manufacturing and associated production sectors in China.

Shanghai-based trading company Longyear will act as the exclusive agent for the latest Vapormatt wet blast wire cleaning and processing systems in China – providing local sales support and in-depth market and technical expertise.

Vapormatt wet blasting (often referred to as ‘Vapormatting’) is a solvent- and dust-free simultaneous degreasing and cleaning process, which employs a cleaning solution or ‘slurry’ comprising a specially formulated mix of water, detergent and abrasive media.

This is projected at a product or component through special blast nozzles.

Wet blasting is highly controllable and can be tailored to suit a wide variety of components and materials.

The process is particularly effective for cleaning and preparing the surface profile of drawn wire products made from steel, brass, bronze, aluminium and other metals, prior to the application of subsequent functional coatings or insulating coverings.

It can also be used for the surface preparation of fibre-optic cables and wire manufactured from plastics.

The process does not impinge on or damage the surface of a material or substrate, and produces a higher quality, much smoother finish than alternative methods.

As no dust is produced there is no detrimental effect on the working environment.

Added to this, no solvents or other potentially hazardous ‘pickling’ or other chemicals are used by the process, so it is not subject to strict solvent emission, VOC or dust-emission regulations and there is no risk to operators.

The use of the wet blast process also eliminates any potential danger from static electricity – often a problem with dry blasting.

The latest Vapormatt wet blast machines are fully automated and programmable, and provide degreasing, cleaning, rinsing and drying in a single, in-line enclosed unit.

‘Our wet blast systems are also particularly environmentally friendly, which we know is a very important factor in Chinese manufacturing industry,’ said Mick Teague, Vapormatt’s sales director.

Vapormatt manufactures a wide range of wet blast surface preparation systems, extending from manual cabinets suitable for small workshops, to large dedicated automated machines for special surface treatment applications in the aerospace and automotive manufacturing sectors.

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