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Cycleo, an IP and services provider, has announced Lora, a semiconductor IP based on a disruptive technology and allowing robust long-range wireless communications at low power.

Targeting machine-to-machine (M2M), automatic-meter-reading (AMR) and handsets-to-devices markets, Lora addresses the needs of chip designers willing to differentiate from 2.4GHz (Bluetooth, Zigbee) or GSM, by offering a long-range mode.

Based upon coding approach and served by smart calculation techniques, Lora offers ranges enabling high-volume markets.

‘For data rates required by AMR and M2M devices, our coding/decoding and signal processing techniques offer exceptional ranges greater than 25km in line of sight for 10mW RF output power and without any change to the bill of material’, the company said.

Available as a low-power digital IP block, Lora codes/decodes data to be transmitted and controls the radio.

Lora can typically be inserted in the digital portion (the baseband processor) of a standard radio chip, eradicating the need to re-design RF and analogue sections of existing systems, Lora fits in any existing architecture and protocol and with less than 50K gates this small IP does not require top notch technology or expensive external components to perform at its best.

Lora technology offers robustness to interferer (wide band), less than 2ms latency and allows ultra-low power transmission so that most transmitting units will run on coin or AA batteries.

Lora enables applications such as smart metering, drive-by AMR, sensor networks, handsets to devices, smart tags, voice transmission, cattle tagging, long-range, low-energy data transmission, Intellihome and assets tracking.

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