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Lord has released a low-modulus, high-thermal-conductivity adhesive suitable for the electronics, LED and solar industries.

The MT-815 adhesive can be used in a variety of applications; for instance, it can be used as a thermal adhesive for large die applications, in die attach applications or as a solder replacement.

The first in a series of new low-modulus, thermal-conductivity adhesives from Lord, the MT-815 has a modulus of less than 1GPa, allowing it to be more flexible and therefore less likely to crack or delaminate under the stresses of temperature cycles.

The MT-815 was also formulated to achieve a thermal conductivity of more than 10W/m-K.

According to Sara Paisner, staff scientist for thermal management technology at Lord, the MT-815 builds on thermal management materials, including Gelease thermal conductive gels, and high-performance thermal-conductivity adhesives, such as MT-315 and TC-501 no-pump-out grease.

Paisner said: ‘Most thermal adhesives are either flexible with low thermal conductivity [such as silicones] or highly rigid with higher adhesion [epoxies].

‘As a result, their uses are limited in microelectronic packages.

‘However, this thermal-conductive adhesive combines the advantages of high adhesion and thermal conductivity with the need for lower modulus to accommodate the large stresses experienced by electronic packages,’ she added.

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