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The National Trust selected Lorien Engineering Solutions to revitalise the RAM pump at the Vyne property in Hampshire, bringing it back into operation as a fully functioning, hydropowered water pump.

The pump previously pushed water from the property’s on-site lake to the main house and other buildings without the aid of electricity, however, the system fell into disrepair.

While the RAM pump itself has been refurbished to working condition, it currently only sprays water directly back into the adjacent lake.

The newly extended system will deliver water into the nearby Walled Garden for irrigation as well as serving local visitor amenities.

Ram pumps are cyclic water pumps that operate using hydropower.

The device uses a water hammer effect to develop pressure, which allows a portion of the input water to be lifted to a point higher than where it originally started.

The Vyne’s pump was manufactured by Green and Carter at the Vulcan Iron Works in Kingsworthy, Winchester and installed at the property in 1919.

Tom Jordan, engineer at Lorien Engineering Solutions, said: ‘Ram pumps are a great way of moving water and were regularly used in the early 1900s.

‘However the advent of electricity led to them becoming unfashionable.

‘With updated technology and the shift towards environmentally friendly solutions, ram pumps are becoming more popular.

‘We’ve been working with several National Trust properties across the UK on renewable energy projects, however, this is one of a handful of ram pumps currently fully operational across the UK, making it an interesting scheme to be a part of,’ he added.

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