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Lorlin Electronics’ CKS and CKF rotary switch ranges are now available as standard with low axial play, smooth feel and damped indexing for pro-audio, broadcast and instrumentation applications.

The complete CKS and CKF rotary switch collection is made in the UK and offers a cost-effective single-wafer switch for a range of applications, according to the company.

The switch body is manufactured from UL VO-compliant fire-retardant material, has a 27.5mm diameter with standard 30-spindle indexing and may be specified with either solder or printed-circuit-board terminals.

Up to four poles are available per switch, with a maximum of 12 positions and shorting (make before break – 30 indexing only) or non-shorting (break before make) contact options.

An adjustable stop is provided to allow the number of positions in use to be restricted.

Other special order options include 60 or 90 indexing, continuous spindle rotation and reinforcement ring and a moulded fixed stop.

The CKS and CKF switches are available with silver, gold-flashed or gold-plated switching contacts.

Spindles may be specified with full-length flats.

The CKS and CKF rotary switch ranges are rated at 150mA at 250VAC/VDC, with an operating life of more than 10,000 cycles.

The operating temperature range is -30C to +85C and the proof voltage is 1,500VAC (initial).

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