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Losma has introduced an ecological filtration kit for use in its Gemini and Newton series filtration equipment.

The patented Green kit provides deep 3D filtration thanks to the special structure of the vegetable fibres used.

Green is long lasting and prolongs the life of the other components in the filtration units, according to the company.

The kit is suitable for the filtration of air polluted by aerosol, vapours and oil mist from the use of coolants during machining on machine tools.

Entering the filter, air meets a first stadium of pre-filtration that slows down and distributes the air on the whole surface of filtration.

Air then expands in a spacious volume, reducing its speed; the bigger and heavier oil-polluting particles adhere to the fibres of the filter.

The filtering effect of the material used increases when the filter is greased and dirtied.

In its route, layer after layer, air meets a volume of filtering fibres with a higher surface in respect to the traditional filters.

Green is combustible to dry AICAA 5.3 and resistant to fire to dry EN 13501-1 AND.

In terms of maintenance, Green is removed from the metallic reusable container and can then be sent off to the thermo-recover.

The Green kit does not contain fibreglass.

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