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DK-Technologies is offering loudness software to evaluate audio levels on commercials and idents in line with the latest recommendations from the Broadcast Committee on Advertising Standards (BCAP).

The software incorporates the ITU-recommended algorithms (BS.1770 and BS.1771) and provides external logging to a PC.

DK’s Loudness software can be incorporated into the company’s MSD600M ++ audio meter, as well as into the PT0760M waveform monitor and the stand-alone MSD100C Loudness meter.

IMD has developed a custom delivery system that performs a quality control check on the soundtrack of advertisements to ensure they fall within the guidelines set by BCAP.

DK-Technologies Loudness software provides accurate loudness matching of audio from a number of different sources and offers a selection of working modes, including Fast mode for real time viewing of loudness, Integrated mode for measuring the loudness of a recorded section or the complete recording and Gated mode for viewing loudness of audio material with long pauses (e.g golf tournaments).

With selectable digital and analogue stereo inputs, the MSD600M++ displays left- and right-channel loudness as well as the summed loudness.

It also delivers the information as a numeric readout.

The meter uses the Loudness Units (LU) scale, covering a range from -18 to 9dB.

It also features an audio vector oscilloscope, phase-correlation meter displays, a full VGA colour display and VGA output for external display.


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