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Edevice has introduced Cellgo, a low-current GSM/GPRS modem for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Cellgo enables power-constrained devices to connect to wireless cellular networks through a single cable used for both data and power.

GSM/GPRS network connectivity, which is suitable for M2M data exchange, requires the supply of enough energy to cope with high consumption peaks of external cellular modems.

Many devices are not able to supply such power, requiring the modem to be plugged into a dedicated power supply.

This constraint increases the upfront investment and makes the on-site installation process more complex since it requires an additional cable and power plug.

With its internal super capacitor, Cellgo is said to ease such installation processes by eliminating the need for a dedicated power supply.

Cellgo is an external modem enabling serial devices to connect to the GSM/GPRS network through a single cable grouping both data and power signals.

The internal super capacitor enables power-constrained products, such as those that are battery powered, to handle power bursts required during cellular data transmission.

Cellgo’s maximal consumption is less than 400mA under 5V.

It is driven through easy-to-use AT# commands that trigger TCP socket data transfers, e-mail sending, and FTP file reception for immediate transfer of data via the internet through the cellular network.

Cellgo is equipped with an internal quad-band antenna and internal SIM card holder in a compact form that is suitable for snap-in installations.

It can be used with different types of ‘already-in-the-field’ devices equipped with serial ports including remote patient monitors, telecardiology monitors, alarm and security systems, television set-top boxes, point-of-sales equipment, energy metering systems and more.

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