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Computar’s new TEC-V7X dual-functionality lens, available through Stemmer Imaging, is ideal for applications such as silicon wafer alignment, print registration and the measurement of 2D objects.

Designed for use with high-resolution cameras up to 5 megapixels with 1/1.1in image sensors, this low-distortion lens operates both as a 7X macro zoom lens with 0.07X to 0.5X magnification and as a telecentric lens within the 0.25X to 0.5X magnification range.

It provides excellent brightness throughout the zoom range, maintaining 70 per cent illumination at both the centre and corners.

Since light is collimated as it enters the lens, images of identical objects are imaged with the same magnification, even if they are at different distances from the lens.

This magnification invariance eliminates the accuracy and repeatability problems in applications where measurements need to be made but the exact distance between the lens and the object is unknown.

The working distance of the TEC-V7X is adjustable from 182mm to 577mm and a F4.3-32C manual iris enables the precise control of depth of field and contrast.

The constant magnification properties offered by the telecentric lens mean that it is also suitable for making measurements in applications where the object or objects being imaged have no natural rest position, such as in optical fibre or manufacture, where the wire or fibre can vibrate or oscillate as it passes the lens at high speed.

Since the distance from the wire to the lens is continuously changing, a standard lens would produce images with a varying apparent width or gauge of the wire.

However, the telecentric lens produces an image in which the width of the wire is constant no matter how far the wire is from the lens, making it simple to monitor any changes in the width that are genuinely a result of variations in the production process.

STEMMER IMAGING is Europe’s largest imaging technology provider with headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

Image processing or Machine Vision is used in many different application areas – such as industrial automation, medical imaging, security and traffic technology – as a powerful and cost effective way of implementing automatic quality assurance. Even at high speeds and with stringent accuracy requirements, image processing allows 100% monitoring and thus strengthens the competitive edge of those companies using it.

STEMMER IMAGING customers have access to a wide variety of imaging products from the worlds leading manufacturers. These manufacturers represent the cutting edge of vision technology which is something that is unique in Europe. STEMMER IMAGING are the developers of the world’s leading image processing software platform, Common Vision Blox, and as a manufacturer of customer-specific products, we have a full range of in-house expertise to draw on, allowing us to supply the best possible service to our customers when choosing an imaging solution. STEMMER IMAGING does not produce turn-key solutions – instead, using our close partnerships with a large number of experienced system integrators, we can provide expert technical know-how for the planning, integration and realisation of complete solutions.

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