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Lanner Electronics has announced the MR-630, its latest low-power-consuming network-processing platform (NPU) based around the quad-core Freescale P2040/41.

The MR-630 features up to 16 GbE LAN ports, two management ports and a variety of customisable options.

According to Lanner Electronics, leveraging Freescale architecture with Lanner design enabled it to create a strong 1U platform that delivers performance while offering significant advantages over the previous P1020 CPU.

The standard MR-630 offers 12 GbE LAN ports, using the Vitesse VSC7404 controller, allowing customers to do more with the same amount of rack space.

It targets 11G aggregate traffic by utilising Freescale QorIQ quad-core processor technology.

In addition to 12 GbE ports, the MR-630 includes two GbE management ports, two USB 2.0 ports and one RJ-45 console port.

There is onboard 2MB NOR Flash, as well as expansion opportunities via Mini-PCIe and four PCIs.

There is HDD or SDD storage via SATA.

The MR-630 comes in three different variations.

The first utilises the Freescale P2040 CPU with 1GHz of processing power and features 1,200MHz DDR3 memory.

The second, the MR630B, will feature a 12 PoE port switch that meets the 802.1af standard, which means that this switch will have up to 15.4W of power for each port.

The final SKU uses the P2041 with 1.5GHz processing power and features 1,333MHz DDR3 memory.

This also has a manufacturer’s option of coming with an additional module that would add either four GbE SFP ports, for a total of 16 GbE ports, or dual 10GbE SFP+ ports.

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