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Asco Numatics has introduced a low-power version of its Series 327 Ex d solenoid valve for critical applications in the chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industries.

The valve addresses the demand for lower-power-consumption solenoids that reduce running and installation costs.

Because losses are minimised, the heat generated is reduced – thereby extending operational life and enhancing safety.

Asco Numatics is said to be the only manufacturer of low-power (under 2W) true direct acting pilot valves in this flow size segment that do not feature booster electronics.

The valve, which is suitable for applications up to 127V 50/60Hz and 125V DC, features an efficient solenoid with an optimised magnetic performance.

The improved operation of the enhanced design has reduced the power consumption of the valves to 1W (cold) and 1.5W DC (hot).

Based on the principle of a balanced poppet-type construction, Series 327 valves are Exida and TUV certified to IEC 61508 Functional Safety and can be used in safety applications up to SIL-4 (redundant), with the highest achievable Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) factor.

Series 327 valves are 3/2 direct operated solenoid valves requiring no minimum operating pressure.

The flame-proof IP67 Ex d aluminium or 316 stainless-steel enclosure is rated to II 2G/D Ex d IIC T6 Ex tD, according to the latest Atex and global IECEx standards.

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