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Pulse, a developer of components for use in the computer, networking, communications, defence and automotive industries, has introduced a low-profile central-office (CO) splitter module.

Measuring just 8mm in height, the Smarter B8887NL module enables the denser mounting of multi-channel splitter cards, resulting in more modules per digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM) or roadside cabinet.

In addition, since CO splitter modules are often the tallest component on the board, the low profile increases the airflow area between multi-channel splitter cards.

The B8887NL CO splitter modules separate plain old telephone service (POTS) and DSL data signals.

The modules are TR-127 compliant for VDSL2 applications.

TR-127 is a technical report developed by the Broadband Forum to ensure the high-quality delivery of voice, data and video services by maximising the interoperability of splitters and inline filters with DSLAMs and modems.

The modules also meet ETSI 600ohm and China MII standards and incorporate Pulse’s patented technology for better performance, increased compactness and high-quality construction.

Ronan Kelly, Pulse product marketing engineer, said: ‘Pulse’s new splitter module adds a significant measure of flexibility to DSLAM and rack system designs.

‘It has a maximum height of 8mm as compared with 11.5mm to 14mm in our other Smarter products,’ he added.

Pulse’s entire CO splitter range can be customised to this smaller height and similar footprint.

Reducing the rack by 0.5U allows an additional seven racks to be included in a standard 42U cabinet.

The modules come in trays, but other packaging options are available.

Price and availability depend on volume.

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