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Macro Sensors has unveiled the LP750 series of long-stroke position sensors that it says will serve as long-life potentiometer replacements in steel mills, power/petro plants and off-road vehicles.

The LP750 series is constructed entirely of stainless steel and offers good stroke-to-length ratio.

The hermetically sealed, frictionless position sensors withstand the harsh and corrosive environments found in steel mills, power plants and petrochemical plants.

Their reliability and capacity to withstand high ambient temperatures make the sensors ideal for use in the position feedback of steam control valves in power plants, while their stroke-to-length advantage and robustness in environmental extremes enables their use in cylinders implemented in hydraulic rams, such as those found in construction equipment.

The LP750 series of linear position sensors can also be used in petroleum applications to provide down-hole drill-head directional drilling position feedback control and valve position.

Units also operate reliably and accurately while buried in oil and under water pressure.

A low operating frequency allows the signal process to be remotely located in applications of high temperature and radiation.

With remote electronics, the linear position sensor can operate up to 260C (500F) and 30 million Rads.

Offering frictionless position feedback similar to the potentiometer, the LP750 series of linear position sensors have no parts that wear out, offering unlimited cycle life and greater performance than a potentiometer.

Units incorporate a digitally enhanced analogue output which, with the coil winding configuration, enables a compact design much reduced in size in comparison to an LVDT.

Microprocessor electronics also provide better unit-to-unit consistency and non-linearity.

The LP 750 series of linear position sensors is available in standard ranges of 3.75in (95 mm) to 24in (600 mm) and is offered in three outputs including a 5V DC input with 0.5 to 4.5V DC output, a pre-calibrated, loop-powered 4-20 input/output or a nominal 24V DC input 0 to 10V DC output.

The low voltage, power regulation 5V DC input works with micro-controlled based systems and allows the signal processing electronics to be located remotely in hostile applications such as high temperature, vibration, shock and radiation.

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