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Low Power Radio Solutions (LPRS) has introduced Easy-Radio Advanced (Era), the latest generation of its low-power wireless modules for communications applications.

Era modules include the ability for users to change the bandwidth of the radio from 150kHz down to 12.5kHz, providing narrow-band performance at a wide-band budget.

Internal temperature measurement of the wireless modules ensures less than 1.5kHz frequency drift from ambient 20C over a range of -40C to +85C.

This feature may also be used as a thermometer to measure the temperature of the end-user equipment, accurate to within 1C.

Modes of data transmission include the Easy-Radio protocol with 16-bit encryption and anti-crosstalk software (DCS) and a raw data mode that allows customers more flexibility to use their own coding system on any frequency they choose, enabling direct compatibility with other ISM raw data modules from any manufacturer.

With the addition of three more (total four) separate data buffers, Easy-Radio performance and data throughput has been improved by up to 25 per cent when compared with 02 versions.

Other features of LPRS’s Era include digital RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication), accurate internal level measurement of signal strength removing the requirement for the host system to handle A-D measurement.

A simple command for either the current RSSI level or the signal strength of the last received data packet is used.

Temporary channel selection is another new command allowing the user to scan other channels if required without storing the settings in the internal EEPROM, maximising its life.

Easy-Radio Advanced features a crystal-controlled synthesiser for frequency accuracy

Easy-Radio Advanced can be powered using a 3V lithium cell or a regulated supply up to 5VDC.

Measuring 38 x 14 x 4mm, it has been tested to meet European radiated and conducted standards.

Era continues to use the same pin-out arrangement as before allowing seamless integration into existing products wanting to take advantage of the new technology.

Low Power Radio Solutions

LPRS Ltd (Low Power Radio Solutions) is a privately owned ISM band
‘easy-Radio’ radio module manufacturer and distributor of Circuit Design,
Prowave and Airwave transmitters, receivers, transceivers and antennas.
Their sales team is based in Witney, Oxfordshire where as their Technical
Centre is in Warrington, Cheshire.

easy-Radio comes in transmitter, receiver and transceiver modules and as a
pendant transmitter. Operating frequency for the modules is either
433-434MHz (ER400 series) or 868-870MHz for Europe and 902-928MHz for USA
(ER900 series). As they’re based on the Chipcon’s RF ICs, the modules also
provide user-programmable features including frequency of operation, power
output and data rate.

The easy-Radio (ER) ERx00TS transmitter, Erx00RS receiver and Erx00TRS
transceiver incorporate ‘easy-Radio’ technology to provide high performance,
simple to use radio devices that can transfer data over a range of up to 250
metres Line Of Sight (LOS). Furthermore ‘easy-Radio’ technology allows
frequency, data rate and power output to be optimised for customer specific
applications. The embedded software reduces design and development time


Handheld Terminals.
Environmental Sense & Control.
Vehicle to Base Station Data Transfer.
Remote Data Acquisition.
Electronic Point of Sale Equipment etc.
M2M Control

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