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LSI has unveiled a system-powered, silicon data access arrangement-based foreign exchange office chipset that enables connections between IP applications and conventional analogue lines.

The LSI FX1000 solution provides Internet-based communications services with backup or alternate routing over the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

As a result, integrated communications services (ICS) platforms can now provide virtually uninterrupted connectivity.

Comprised of multi-service business gateways, service routers and analogue telephone adapters, ICS platforms are becoming more common and the need for increased service availability more important.

The FX1000 solution is exclusively system-powered and is unaffected by phone line power variations.

Surinder Rai, marketing director, Network Components Group, LSI, said: ‘Under conditions such as IP network congestion, denial of service attacks or local disasters, voice-over-IP performance can degrade rapidly.

‘Network management systems can detect network degradation and automatically route designated traffic to the PSTN through the FX1000 chipset.’ Comprised of an FX1000 system control interface and an FX1041 DAA codec, the chipset provides backup connectivity and additional capacity for IP telephony applications deployed on ICS platforms including multi-service business gateways and service routers.

As part of the LSI networking portfolio, the FX1000 chipset has been designed to be easily integrated into systems based on the LSI APP2K communications processor and the LSI StarPro family of media processors.

The FX1000 chipset supports serial peripheral and time division multiplexing interfaces to communicate with existing VoIP equipment.

Coupled with the FX1041 DAA codec, the chipset provides manufacturers with maximum design flexibility for high-volume applications where low per-unit costs are critical.

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