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LSI has announced the LSI Tarari T2500 content processor, which has been designed to meet the content-processing requirements of ultra-high-speed, ultra-low-latency networking applications.

The Tarari T2500 offloads critical security processing and application recognition from the host processor, delivering improved network performance and increased security.

Silicon-based content processors enable security applications to detect intrusions, viruses and other malware at very high speeds with minimal impact on the host processor.

In addition, Tarari content processors can be programmed to recognise the data flowing through the network so that specific data types, such as video, can be identified and prioritised over other traffic.

As a result, network users can be assured that the data they are downloading is safe, and video users will be able to enjoy a better, uninterrupted viewing experience.

The LSI Tarari T2500 dedicates multiple on-chip resources to significantly reduce latencies and increase single-flow throughput up to 5Gb/s for improved performance, allowing OEMs to deliver up to 20Gb/s of security processing or 100Gb/s of application recognition.

It is pin compatible with existing LSI Tarari T2000 content processors, includes support for DDR3 memories and features the PCI Express Gen 2 interface, doubling bus bandwidth.

All LSI Tarari T1000, T2000 and T2500 content processors, including the DPI engine embedded in the LSI Axxia Communication Processor, use a common API and rule syntax, which maximises code reuse across multiple platforms and applications.

Tarari T2500 content processors will be available in sample quantities in the third quarter of 2010.

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