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Enciris Technologies has announced the LT-100, a Windows Media Video/VC-1 HD video acquisition and compression card.

The company said the LT-100 is a hardware solution that meets the needs of demanding real-time true HD acquisition and compression.

It added that the low cost of the LT-100 allows high-quality HD compression to be used in product/ projects that previously would have been prohibitive.

It is a good solution for the needs of medical, surveillance, internet, broadcasting, videoconferencing, and video-gaming applications.

The LT-100 can capture video from both analogue and digital HD and SD video sources, including DVI, RGB, component, S-video and composite.

An HD/SD-SDI option is also available.

Additionally, the LT-100 can function as a HD compression coprocessor for video supplied by the host via PCI or USB.

The LT-100 will compress HD Windows Media Video (WMV/ VC-1) up to advanced profile level three with resolutions from 176 x 144 to 2,048 x 2,048 pixels.

The maximum compression frame rate is 240 frames-per-second (fps) at lower resolutions.

At 1,080 pixels the LT-100 can compress 30fps.

All standard HDTV resolutions are supported.

The LT-100 can simultaneously acquire uncompressed video for preview purposes or occasional snapshots.

Designed for low-latency applications, the LT-100 outputs compressed video within only a few milliseconds of acquisition.

Drivers for Windows XP/Vista and Linux are included.

Under Windows, Directshow is fully supported.

A cross-platform SDK is also available for Windows and Linux application development.

Mac OS X support will be available in the future.

Available as a combination PCI/USB board, the LT-100-VC1 can be either placed in a PCI slot or be connected via USB 2.0.

It is ideally suited for OEMs and system integrators.

The LT-100-SDI is an optional HD/SD-SDI daughter card.

A USB-only module – the LT-100-VC1U – is also available, which includes a 140 x 100 x 40mm enclosure.

The LT-100-VC1US is the USB module with the HD/SD-SDI option.

A hardware decompression feature will be offered quarter three of 2009 free-of-charge via firmware upgrade.

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