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Wavesat has released a tri-band LTE reference design that manufacturers can use in the development of handset devices, USB dongles and consumer-premises equipment.

The reference design, based on the Odyssey 9000 platform, supports three frequencies to assist in the rollout of LTE services.

Wavesat’s multi-protocol architecture allows the Odyssey series of chipsets to support multiple 4G technologies, including LTE and WiMAX, on the same silicon.

One of the first LTE chipsets to feature CAT-3 performance (100Mb/s downlink, 50Mb/s uplink) for mobile devices including USB dongles, data cards, mobile handsets and MIDs, the Odyssey is a highly integrated SOC that offers low power consumption and a highly flexible and programmable architecture that is capable of easy adaptation.

The Odyssey 9000 supports FDD and TDD duplex schemes, and comes complete with an LTE protocol stack, including MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC and NAS layers, as well as reference-design kits for manufacturing dongles and CPE.

The chipset incorporates a hybrid architecture with a combination of efficient DSPs and hardware acceleration blocks, easily scaling to support CAT-4 (150Mb/s downlink) devices.

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