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The LTH Electronics MXD70 series microprocessor controlled multi-parameter instrument is available in panel and surface-mount options, for conductivity, pH and DO monitoring applications.

A user-selectable combination of up to three off-sensor input cards allows the instrument to expand to suit process requirements.

An intuitive menu screen guides the user easily through the set-up procedure, simplifying installation and operation.

The MXD70 series can have up to three sensor inputs installed in any combination chosen from the following parameters, with independent temperature measurement on each channel: contacting conductivity, electrodeless conductivity, pH / redox and dissolved oxygen.

The base models of the MXD73 and MXD75 instruments come as standard with two-off programmable relay outputs and a single configurable 0/4-20mA current output.

A choice of user add-in option cards operating on a plug-and-play system allows easy addition and detection to increase the number of relay and 0/4-20mA current outputs to suit process requirements.

Both the panel and surface-mount versions of the MXD70 series have an SD card slot to allow the user to store individual channel or complete unit configurations, transfer configurations between controllers, upgrade the controller software and data logging or storage of measured values.

Multilingual text displays can be selected from a choice of English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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