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Batoyle Freedom Group has developed Typhon SYN100 – a high-performance fully synthetic piston compressor lubricant.

Typhon SYN100 is said to provide the user with an energy-efficient compressor lubricant solution that can extend lubricant oil change periods and thereby extend maintenance intervals.

It is a fully synthetic, poly alpha olefin-based compressor lubricant.

Enhanced thermal stability and oxidation resistance maintains compressor cleanliness.

With its resistance to carbon and deposit formation, it is possible to reduce maintenance intervals when using Typhon SYN100.

Longer oil change intervals are also made possible when using Typhon SYN100 due to corrosion and thermal stability.

This offers the potential for extending the oil drain periods when compared to more conventional lubricants.

Compressor life can additionally be extended when using Typhon SYN100.

Wear and tear can be reduced, even under the most arduous operating conditions, thanks to an Ashless technology, which provides superior anti-wear performance, according to Batoyle Freedom.

Extended drain capability and low energy consumption can also reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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