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Lubriserv has solved operator complaints at Midlands Precision Engineering by using synthetic-oil-based coolant on CNC machining operations.

Midlands Precision Engineering was receiving complaints from operators of skin irritaion, rashes and sticky residues on machines using oil-based coolant.

The company therefore required a coolant that would provide high performance on a range of steels, alloys and yellow metals, but one that also kept the machine tools clean, had a long sump life and didn’t cause any skin irritation to operators.

After trialing several products, it was decided that Sintral MCF 565 from Lubriserv could meet all the criteria.

Sintral MCF 565 is a ‘Lubrocoolant’ working as a water miscible synthetic oil.

Its appearance is milky – just as an oil-based coolant – and it provides all the lubrication required for machining operations and for the machine tool itself.

Sintral MCF 565 is a mineral-oil-free water miscible Lubrocoolant that does not contain chlorine.

With the use of special additives, it is designed as an all-purpose heavy-duty CNC coolant.

General use includes machining operations on cast iron, carbon steel and low-to-medium alloy steel, as well as aluminium alloys and copper alloys.

It can also be used for machining aluminium and tough alloys, where extreme pressure is required.

Other features include: high extreme pressure characteristics; multi-metal capability; long sump life; reduces coolant change-outs; lower annual disposal fees; high resistance to bacterial and fungal growth; protects against sticky switches and valves; and superior tramp oil rejection for removal of oils.

Sintral MCF 565 is also said to offer high compliance with environmental requirements.

Concentrations in water vary according to the kind of operation and to general machined material, ranging from approximately five to seven per cent for general machining operations to around eight to 10 per cent for heavy-duty operations.

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