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Lubriserv has announced a high-performance polymer quench fluid, Safe Quench 569, an opaque fluid specifically designed for induction hardening applications.

Safe Quench technology is able to minimise sticky deposits on induction hardening equipment and quenched parts.

It provides resistance to microbial contamination and can extend system life.

It prevents blockage of spray nozzles and filters and can protect systems from corrosion.

Other features of the technology include: improved wettability on component surface; it eliminates steam pockets; it avoids the formation of soft spots; and it provides flexibility of quenching speed.

Safe Quench is a water miscible fluid that can be used at various concentration percentages for induction-hardening and flame-hardening applications.

Safe Quench 569 is particularly suited to the treatment of low-alloy steels and where mineral-oil-based quench fluids cannot achieve the desired hardness.

Safe Quench 569 prevents the dangers of deformation and cracking that is common with using a pure water.

It also has an excellent antioxidant action, according to Lubriserv.

Safe Quench 569 is diluted with water in use and provides extremely uniform quenching characteristics.

It eliminates steam pockets and high residual stress associated with water quenching and avoids the formation of soft spots and inconsistent mechanical properties.

Safe Quench 569 is used for a wide range of induction- and flame-hardening applications, including the quenching of crankshafts, camshafts, transmission components, starter ring gears and bearings.

The quenching speed of Safe Quench 569 solutions can be selected to suit the steel hardenability and component requirements by varying the concentration of the solution.

One per cent to five per cent solutions of Safe Quench 569 improve the wettability on the component surface, thereby imparting a more uniform quench and preventing soft spotting.

These low concentrations are generally used for steels of low hardenability.

Five per cent to 20 per cent solutions of Safe Quench 569 provide a range of cooling rates similar to those of soluble oil emulsions and quenching oils and are used for steels of higher hardenability.

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