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Corsmot EDM/CH Plus from Lubriserv has been specifically developed for the demanding environment associated with the latest EDM machines.

Corsmot EDM/CH Plus can be used as di-electric fluid in electrical discharge machining operations in the tool and die industry, in the moulds industry and in fine boring of aerofoil honeycombs in nickel alloys.

It can also be applied in the medical, computer and aerospace industries as well as in the manufacture of aircraft components, turbine blades, valves, regulators, hardware, tools, and so on.

Corsmot EDM/CH Plus is especially formulated to deliver extended fluid life.

This fluid does not grow old and is said to extend burn times.

Higher flash points reduce potential fire hazards.

The fluid also features low evaporation and low volatility.

Operator exposure to fumes and vapours is reduced and quick flushing is achieved due to its low viscosity.

Lower specific gravity aids quick settlement of particles in the filter.

Corsmot EDM/CH Plus also offers low odour levels throughout its lifetime.

The fluid will not degrade under high ampage, high temperature or in the presence of copper electrodes.

The aromatic content is claimed to be almost undetectable compared to typical EDM fluids.

A reduced post polishing time is possible due to higher di-electric strength.

Corsmot EDM/CH Plus is rubber compatible with hoses, seals and gaskets.

The high-purity synthetic fluid is specifically formulated for use in roughing and finishing operations on modern medium-to-high power machines.

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