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Lubriserv supplies metalworking fluids, equipment and service to optimise customers’ manufacturing processes.

The company’s approach of looking at the complete manufacturing process to optimise fluid performance, usage, waste and to improve the working environment is said to result in cost savings while allowing customers to concentrate on their core business.

Lubriserv is able to advise customers on developing a service programme or provide a bespoke fluid service programme to optimise fluid/lubricant usage and maximise performance.

The service programmes are plant-wide solutions for management of metalworking fluids, lubricants, oils, cleaners and quenchants.

The programmes can include: lubricant selection and planning, including equipment survey and filtration optimisation; purchase and inventory management; comprehensive fluids usage monitoring and analysis; scheduled machine cleaning and coolant filtration; personal exposure monitoring for workers; Dustrak air-quality testing for machine environments; oil mist removal; reclamation of neat cutting fluids, hydraulic and lubricants; equipment selection/recommendation and supply with calculated payback; mist extraction/filtration equipment to comply with HSE guidelines; waste fluid minimisation; and swarf handling equipment.

Lubriserv said the benefits of its fluid management programmes include: professional fluid management scaled to the customer’s plant; maximise equipment life; reduce tool wear; lengthen service life of oils, coolants, solvents and other fluids; eliminate fluid emergencies and unscheduled fluids maintenance; lower fluid costs; eliminate issues of handling, worker health and safety and working environment; provide maintenance training and HSE documentation; and reduce disposal and environmental costs.

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