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Lubriserv has launched a range of products covering extrusion, stamping, cold heading and drawing that can also be used as the machine lubricant.

They are formulated to lubricate the slide ways and guides, and to avoid corrosion problems.

They solve the contamination issues between slide/guide oils and forming oils found on the majority of cold forging machines.

The lubricants come in a range of viscosities to suit different machines.

The Lubra series for cold forming of metals includes a series of fluids formulated with advanced technologies sensitive to environmental needs and waste regulations.

Almost all products are therefore chlorine free and eco-compatible.

The Extraform series includes chlorine- and sulphur-free products, which can be used as a forming fluid and as a slideway/guide lubricant.

Extraform is produced from specialised raw materials and is suitable for the processes of stamping and direct or inverse cold extrusion, such as the production of gudgeon pins, spark-plug shells, ball pins, tube fittings, valve guides, hydraulic connections, Anuba hinges, and tubular and semi-tubular rivets of high-carbon steel and stainless steel.

It uses a specialised compound to convert and deposit a solid, thin, strong film on the surface of metals, increasing tool life and die life, eliminating seizure, and reducing long downtime and cleaning.

The Deforming SK series are universal compounds suitable for the cold stamping, heading and extruding of mild, medium- and high-carbon steels used in the production of special fasteners for the automotive industry, flange bolts, wood screws, bolts and socket screws.

They can also be used for the manufacture of aerospace fasteners, titanium screws, titanium bolts and waspalloy fasteners.

They allow high performances on hexagonal allenhead bolts/screws production by horizontal presses, such as National, Schuler, Waterbury Farrel, Sacma, Salvi, Sakamura, Asahi Sunac, Nedschroef, Jern Yao and JPB.

Extraform P series is a range of chlorine-free lubricants for the cold extrusion, cold heading and forming of metals.

It is produced by a process that catalyses the functional molecular groups present in the specially selected lubricant carriers.

The product functions by using a particular compound to convert and deposit a solid, thin, strong film on the surface of the metal.

The Extraform P series product range is suitable for the difficult heading and stamping processes of screws, bolts and tubular/semi-tubular rivets made from aluminium, low- and medium-carbon-content steel, and alloyed steel.

Extraform P8 is recommended for the production of tubular and semi-tubular rivets in aluminium and its alloys.

It is mainly applied on machines with two stations, for example on Salvi, Hilgeland, Sacma and National machines with extruding punches.

Extraform P9 is recommended for those machines, where the application of a more viscous lubricant is necessary to limit excessive leaks.

Extraform P10 is suitable for stamping small metal parts on horizontal presses with four or more stations.

Extraform P11, the most viscous product of Extraform P series, is suitable for old presses that have excessive leaks of slide/guide oil.

As a multipurpose product, Extraform eliminates the performance drop-off caused by the mixing of lubrication oils with the cooling oil, which often occurs on horizontal presses.

Maxidef series for drawing of Rod, bar and wire includes chlorine-free products suitable for skin passing wire drawing of high-carbon steel, bearing steel (100Cr6), high alloyed steel and stainless steel.

The preparation of wire or rod can be by chemical or mechanical pickling, with or without phosphate coating.

The use of Maxidef allows reduction of wire from 15 to 25 per cent, without compromising the phosphate coating.

Products are suitable for round-section bars, square-section bars, flat-section bars and special steel profiles without the need for solid surface coating lubricants, such as bonder – generally used on the Shumag draw benches.

The Maxidef range also includes compounds for high-carbon and stainless-steel wire drawing.

It is suitable for multi-hole drawing of intermediate diameter wires at high drawing speed.

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