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Further information on picosecond lasers - .PDF file.

Lumera Laser has introduced picosecond lasers (ps-lasers) that use a micromachining technology applicable to any material, including composites, and feature sizes of 1–100μm.

According to the company, a ps-laser beam can be focused to μm diameter and each controllable single ps-pulse will remove gently only a 20–200Nm-layer of material.

Manufacturing engineers within many industries, including electronics, solar cell, aerospace, automotive, medical and microfluidic, are able to micromachine any material with the same universal laser.

Lumera Laser claims that the price per watt of its ps-laser power is less by than that of the Rapid laser by a factor of 10, opening up new industrial applications.

Key features

  • Average power up to 75W
  • Pulse repetition rates up to 1MHz
  • Ps-lasers allow 10–60mm³/min of material to be abated coldly
  • This is without thermal side effects, such as heat-affected zone, cracks and burr at the edges

LUMERA LASER develops / manufactures picosecond lasers for micro-processing.
LUMERA LASER pioneered this technology, and is the clear market leader in terms of market share, technology and reliability.

These ultra-short pulse lasers offer a new quality in laser micromachining by 'cold' ablation, by removal of any material.
A single laser pulse will remove in the focus spot (typically1-50µm dia.) a thin material layer (20-200nm), without thermal side-effects like burrs and micro-cracks. Up to 1 mio pulses per second can act, so that 6-60mm³/min can be ablated.
The proper overlap of the pulses (controlled by galvos) will define the structure; scribe, cut, drill, or produce a 2.5-D form into any material directly from CAD file.
The investment for such laser is in the order of 100-250k€, the TCO per min in the range of 12-20 Cent per minute only.
Industrial picosecond lasers are new universal tools for micro-processing of any material (!) without mechanical contact/force, without wear and tear and without thermal damages.
There is a wide range of applications in semicon, LED making, PV, display tech, micro tool manufacture, micro-fluidics, bio-med, automotive, aerospace, printing, etc.

LUMERA LASER runs an experienced app lab to demonstrate a solution for your application.

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