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Lumetrics has created the Online Rotational Scanning System, an accessory to the Optigauge, which is said to reduce production-line start-up time and improve product quality.

The company is set to begin the first of five installations in the US for a manufacturer of film for the medical bag industry.

The Online Rotational Scanning System is a cost-effective way to measure blown, single or multilayer film used for products such as IV and blood bags.

The online system provides continuous measurement of a product during the production process, enabling a controlled feedback loop and eliminating the quality-control testing step that is usually completed post-production.

This allows the product to be packaged and sold from the line, reducing labour costs.

The fully automated, non-contact measurement system provides an alternative to the less accurate micrometers and snap gauges that are used post-production.

From this data, customers can determine, with an instantaneous polar graph, exactly where thickness variations are located on their product.

All types of multilayer films, whether co-extruded, coated, or laminated, can be measured on this system.

The Online Rotational Scanning System, with its optical-measurement approach, can tell how evenly coatings and resins are applied and how consistent the layers are.

Lumetrics provides standard and customised fixtures for manufacturers’ specific products.

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