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Ace Industries, a manufacturer of tapes used in processing semiconductor wafers for back grinding and dicing, has installed a second Lumetrics Optigauge onto a production line.

Ace installed its first Optigauge system in 2009 and because of increased demand, installed a second line in 2010.

‘By using multiple measurement probes on a single system we were able to understand and improve our process of making film,’ said YK Ahn, president of Ace.

‘Naturally, when we expanded our production facility with a second line, we installed an Optigauge to control it,’ he added.

The Optigauge system was modified and installed by BZCON, Lumetrics’ Korean distributor.

BZCON used the Lumetrics application developer’s toolkit and provided custom modifications to the screens and the functionality of the system.

‘We were able to customise the screen display so we could see all measurement points and variations in one screen, as well as automatically change parameters of the system in a way that suited the Ace process,’ said BK Choi, president of BZCON.

Thickness measurement of multilayer materials can be a challenge for manufacturers.

Manual, contact measurement systems can be time consuming, inaccurate and costly.

The Lumetrics Optigauge provided Ace Industries with an eight-probe online system to measure its three-layer film at different points in the process.

The adhesives can be measured wet, as they are coming out of the oven and during final assembly.

‘Through exact measurements we can adjust the process in small precise steps to get the best film for our customers, while increasing our yield and lowering our costs and scrap,’ said Ahn.

The Optigauge system comes with a software user interface, Optigauge Control Center (OCC), which presents instantaneous user-defined thickness trending and plotting charts in real time.

The OCC can be adapted for a manufacturer’s own application to provide specific data for each user.

Software code is logical and mathematical, creating a common bridge between those clients who speak a language other than English.

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