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LVD has introduced the Strippit VX-Series of CNC turret punch presses designed for fast processing of thin sheet materials.

Strippit VX punch presses combine a high-speed 20kN hydraulic ram with a large 48-station turret and table design to provide high productivity output.

This punch press employs an energy-saving hydraulic press drive and motor system optimised for high-speed operation, which delivers fast axis speeds of up to 530 hits per minute on 25mm centres and up to 1,750 strokes per minute.

Workpieces up to 3.5mm can be handled at high speed.

The VX-Series is equipped with three programmable work clamps, which can be programmed to a position on the X carriage and individually relocated to a new position within the part program.

This reduces or eliminates ‘no punch’ zones and increases material utilisation.

A double-track turret provides a flexible configuration of 48 stations featuring four standard 88.9mm auto-indexable stations that can utilise the latest wheel tool technology.

Every station accepts shaped punches and dies and can be further enhanced by the addition of indexable multi-tools to expand the auto-indexable tools.

Hardened sleeves are said to guarantee accurate tool guiding through the life of the machine.

A full 25mm feed clearance between the upper and lower turret allows high-quality forming for a wider range of applications, including the production of forms such as lances, louvers, embossments or card guides.

Strippit VX punch presses feature a table design with the capacity to handle sheet weights of up to 150kg.

A full brush table minimises noise and part scratching and permits economical changeover or replacement of individual brushes.

LVD’s VX-Series punch presses also feature an energy-reduction system (ERS), which reduces energy consumption by up to 15 per cent throughout the operating day by efficiently managing power consumption.

A PC-based Fanuc control provides diagnostics features and offers large program storage capacity and networking capability with user-friendly MMI (man-machine interface).

Optional Cadman programming software provides automatic unfolding of 3D SAT and IGES files, auto-nesting full support for all standard and advanced punching functions, including auto-index stations, multi-tools, standard and special punches, forming, embossing, tapping, stamping and wheel-style tools.

All Strippit VX-Series punch presses can be furnished as automation ready and may be integrated with an optional automatic load/unload system, Pick-Sort material handling system or Compact Tower (CT).

LVD’s automatic load/unload system reduces manual worksheet handling time and provides fast, efficient processing of materials up to 3.5mm.

LVD’s Pick-Sort system converts the Strippit VX into a freestanding, lights-out production cell.

This robotic system loads full size sheets and automatically retrieves and stacks individual punched parts with dimensions up to 1,524 x 3,048mm.

An offload system removes and stacks skeletal frames or nested sheets.

A Compact Tower (CT), six or 10 pallet, provides full capabilities for loading, unloading and storage of raw material and finished parts, thus enabling automated production from stored raw material to stacked finished parts, as well as providing increased storage capacity.

The VX-1225 turret punch press will make its debut at Austech in Sydney, Australia, on stand D030.

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