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Add2’s LVTGO supply-voltage disturbance simulator provides vehicle, system and component manufacturers with a method to assess the robustness of system operation against power-supply disturbances.

An Add2 spokesperson said: ‘Vehicular electrical-system robustness to battery-supply disturbances (cranking events, fast transient bursts, slow voltage decay, ground offsets) is fundamental to reliable operation.

‘Vehicular electrical systems are becoming more complex, with many functions interacting over complex networks.

‘As a result there is great potential for supply-induced marginal timing issues to degrade system operation or even cause system malfunction.

‘In the real world, supply disturbance is by nature random and dependent on a combination of parameters that vary over time (impedance, temperature, battery charge state).

‘As a result it is easy for regions of electrical-system susceptibility to go undetected during test.

‘This can lead to extremely difficult-to-resolve failure modes occurring late on in the development cycle or even in service.

‘The LVTGO provides a simple to use yet highly effective method to simulate in-service supply conditions and truly assess electrical-system robustness.’ The LVTGO simulator replicates real-world supply disturbance conditions and effectively and efficiently assesses the ability of systems to operate reliably under the varying in-vehicle supply conditions.

Equipped with an intuitive set up GUI and ready-to-play waveform profiles, the LVTGO unit can simulate supply disturbance in the lab and in the vehicle.

The unit operates from a vehicle battery or general power supply.

It generates ground offsets and complex voltage waveforms.

It is capable of high current operation and facilitates the application of repeatable pseudo random probability distributions to waveform parameters to create controlled and repeatable real-world disturbance variance; this allows it to tease out potential areas of susceptibility that could otherwise go undetected until it is too late.

LVTGO also supports standards-based testing to ISO 7637-2, vehicle-manufacturing specifications and military-application standards (Def Stan 61-5).

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