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Lynuxworks and Emerson Network Power have announced that LynxOS 5.0 now supports Emerson’s MVME7100 single-board computer (SBC).

The complete BSP supports PowerPC’s 8641D, an e600 family processor that has been specifically designed for multi-core and SMP.

This powerful hardware and software combination offers a strategic growth path for VMEbus customers with applications on previous-generation VME boards, further extending the product lifecycle.

VMEbus is used in industrial, commercial and military/aerospace applications.

VMEbus architectures are being used today in robots, air-traffic control systems, weapons-control systems, data acquisition and video imaging products.

The advantage of the VMEbus architecture is that it can withstand shock, vibration and extended temperatures better than the traditional buses found in general desktop computers.

The Emerson MVME7100 is an SBC that helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of industrial, medical and defence/aerospace VMEbus platforms add performance and features while still protecting their fundamental investment in VMEbus and related technologies.

Customers can keep their VMEbus infrastructure (chassis, backplanes and other VMEbus and add-in boards) while improving performance and extending the product’s lifecycle.

That extended lifecycle helps reduce churns in development and support efforts as a result of frequent product changes.

The LynxOS 5.0 BSP for Emerson’s MVME7100 is currently available.

Emerson Network Power – Embedded Computing

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