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The Thermo Scientific M-Pulse Multi-Path Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Measurement System has proven its ability to accurately measure fluids from as low as 0.06cSt up to 1500cSt.

The system’s wider viscosity range was determined during recent testing and indicates its ability to further optimise use of multi-product hydrocarbon pipelines.

Pipeline operators can now run thick crude followed by gasoline, without requiring recalibration between the hydrocarbons.

Through this pipeline optimisation, operators achieve significantly less downtime, greater productivity and, most importantly, increased daily throughput.

To fulfil larger pipe requirements, the M-Pulse now features an extended spool-size range including 500mm (20in) and 600mm (24in) spools along with the standard 100mm (4in) to 400mm (16in) spools.

All spool sizes measure as low as 1ft/s and as high as 50ft/s to provide the highest turndown ratio of 50:1.

A carbon-steel model is also now available, which helps to reduce costs.

The flowmeter has no moving parts and removes the need for calibration after replacing the transducer.

The M-Pulse comprises of a flowmeter and flow computer.

Customers can use the Thermo Scientific Sarasota Density Meter in conjunction with the M-Pulse to provide rapid, repeatable measurement of liquid density for real-time control.

Both instruments will be on display at Achema in Frankfurt, Germany from 11-15 May.

Key features of the M-Pulse include: bi-directional, high reliability with accuracy of +/- 0.10 per cent of flow and repeatability of +/- 0.02 per cent; compensation for temperature, pressure and density inputs in accordance with API standards; a non-metallic transducer diaphragm that resists corrosion; optimised user interfaces, including keypad and laptop configuration software through RS232; logs for flow data, alarms and audit trails and various batching options; real-time flow profiling for accurate laminar, turbulent and transitional flow measurements; CSA/CUS certification for North American use, OIML R117 Class 0.3 certification from NMi, CE markings for European use and Atex certification for explosive atmospheres.

It also passed all applicable European Community (EC) requirements, including electro magnetic compatibility (EMC), low voltage directive (LVD), pressure equipment directive (PED) and measuring instruments directive (MID).

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