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Movidia has released the MA1110, a multimedia processor for mobile phones.

The MA1110 enables high performance in-phone video post-production.

Movidia’s processor is aimed at phones for mobile social-networking users.

Movidia will demonstrate the MA1110 at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, 16 – 19 February 2009.

Customer samples of MA1110 will be available in summer 2009.

Mass production of Movidia’s chip will begin in 2009.

Movidia’s breakthrough technology allows the multimedia processor to perform complex video-editing tasks such as real-time image stabilisation, super-resolution zoom, slow motion and colour matching.

Movidia’s MA1110 also supports high resolutions of all standard audio and video Codecs and APIs to ensure full compatibility with a range of content.

Movidia’s chip can support complex video post-production features previously only achievable on a desktop computer.

The chip allows users to capture, edit, view and publish their videos using only their phone.

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