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MacGregor Welding Systems has developed programmable pulsed arc micro joining machines with embedded process monitoring capability for lead-free termination of insulated wires to pins.

Initially, the MacGregor PA range will be offered in a choice of three variants: the 20A PA20, 40A PA40 and 60A PA60, all available with optional gas control.

The company has been manufacturing pulsed arc joining equipment for more than 20 years and the new range of touch-screen models replaces earlier equipment.

All models are suitable for a range of small wire coil terminal applications including relays and solenoids, ignition coils, voice coils, microphones, motor terminals, transformers, sensors, inductors, motor terminators, along with numerous other ‘wire to pin’ and ‘wire to wire’ joining.

The MacGregor pulsed arc equipment enables enamelled, stranded or plain wires to be joined to a variety of connection pins without the need for pre-stripping or cleaning prior to the weld process.

Offered in a choice of different current settings, the range of PA equipment is programmable and incorporates linear-based technology to produce on-going precision pulsed arc welds to an accuracy of around one per cent.

Key features include a colour screen; two and four output options for automatic single or dual-pulse weld profiles; an inbuilt memory for storing up to 99 different weld profiles; graphical information to show the weld profile; and a high and low limiter to control the amount of power used.

The on-screen touch keypad eliminates the need for moving keys and switches, making the equipment versatile in hostile environments, where there are risks from chemicals, dust and debris.

A standard design feature ensures the PA range has low RF radiation, which is especially important where computer equipment and other RF sensitive items are being used.

The PA series is sold by MacGregor Welding Systems as a stand-alone machine and can also be integrated by the company into a full turnkey automated pulsed arc line where required.

MacGregor Welding Systems

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