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Moog has introduced its latest machine controller for use in a variety of industrial applications, including injection moulding, blow moulding, packaging and metal forming machines.

The Moog MC 600 machine controller includes a CPU with fast processing speed, a range of digital and high-resolution analogue I/Os, sensor modules and integrated temperature control, as well as various fieldbus communications modules.

A selection of HMIs (human machine interface) are offered, including one directly driven by the controller or a separate PC-based HMI.

All modules are programmed in the same environment, the Moog Application Software Suite.

The controller runs on a multitasking Linux-based real-time operating system that offers fast reaction times and high frequency execution of tasks.

Fast-sampling analogue 16-bit I/O resolution and 2Mbit/s sensor acquisition provide the basis for accurate control and positioning.

The Moog Application Software Suite used in this system is based on the latest version (3.4) of the Codesys development tool.

It complies with the IEC 61131-3 standard for programming languages and it features additional libraries, plug-ins and programming capabilities created by Moog engineers that are suitable for a variety of general industrial applications.

The modular design of the Moog MC 600 machine controller means that it can be configured according to the specific application.

It can be used both in a centralised and decentralised control architectures.

Special modules and software libraries are available for customer-specific solutions (for example, parison controls in blow moulding or injection moulding) and a complete software library of application templates is available for simplified realisation of user-specific control and sequence application.

The controller has the ability to operate in the extended temperature range -20C (-4F) to +70C (158F).

This combined with the low-power consumption technology and robust construction of the modules make Moog’s latest machine controllers suitable for use in demanding environments such as industrial machinery.

Designed as an integral part of Moog’s existing industrial servo controller and software offering, it is compatible with the Moog range of electric products such as motion controllers, servo drives and servo motors, as well as its extensive hydraulic product portfolio.

It is supported by Moog’s global team of application engineers.

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