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Mitsui Seiki has taken a multi-million single machine order from a UK aerospace company, through its distributor 2D CNC Machinery, for its HU100A-5XLL five-axis horizontal machining centre.

According to Mitsui Seiki, the HU100A-5XLL is believed to be the largest and most powerful trunnion-style five-axis horizontal machining centre ever built.

It weighs some 67 tonnes, has a 2.5m between-centre capacity on the A- and B-axis trunnion that is able to support components weighing up to three tonnes and will be used to machine large titanium air-frame components.

This five-axis machine is capable of producing very large and complex aerospace components that have demanding levels of stock removal in tough-to-machine material.

The machine will have to maintain high levels of accuracy both for geometric positioning and relationship of different features, size tolerance and surface finish.

Central to the metal-removal performance of the Mitsui Seiki HU100A-5XLL is the out-and-out power available from the 37kW geared HSK-A100 spindle.

It can deliver up to 3,332Nm of torque and the machine can accommodate a thrust of 2.65 tonnes in the Z-axis and 2.8 tonnes in both X and Y axes.

The HU100A-5XLL machining centre is the largest ever built by Mitsui Seiki in Japan.

It will accommodate two pallets 1.7m by 1m using front ‘boxer’ exchange, which takes just 60 seconds, and incorporates pallet turn to assist loading.

Axis strokes are 2.5m in X by 1.75m in Y by 1.4m in Z with duplex ballscrew drives to both the X- and Y- axes.

The resolution through precision linear glass scales in X, Y and Z is 0.001mm and in the tilting +20 to -110 degree A-axis and rotary B-axis, 0.001 degree.

The 120-tool magazine will accommodate individual tools up to 216mm diameter by 650mm long and weighing up to 30kg.

The tool exchange time will take two seconds.

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