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Makino has introduced the MAG1, a five-axis horizontal machining-centre that extends the productivity and cost savings of its MAG high-speed aluminium profilers down to smaller size components.

The MAG1 is particularly suited to producing wing parts such as leading edges, trailing edges and ribs, within a working envelope of 1500 x 1100 x 1350mm.

It provides a cheaper option and a smaller footprint to customers that produce components that are less than 1.5m long and that weigh less than 1,300kg.

MAG1 has a 33,000 rev/min, 80kW, HSK80 spindle designed to access deep pockets that many other machines cannot reach.

The swivelling spindle (A-axis) rotates between +/-110 degrees, while the B-axis is provided by a 360-degree rotary table to provide fully interpolative five-axis roughing and finishing.

Repeated, high-speed movement of ballscrews creates heat that adversely affects machining accuracy and performance.

To counteract heat build-up, cooling oil controlled to the temperature of the bed is circulated through hollow ballscrews in all linear axes.

In addition, cooling oil is circulated to the inside of the feed servomotor mountings to isolate the heat generated by the motors.

The machine construction features a three-point support that eliminates levelling, reducing the cost of installation.

A 60-position tool magazine (optionally up to 120) allows long periods of uninterrupted machining.

Idle times are minimised by rapids of 120 rev/min (A-axis) 100 rev/min in (B-axis) and 50m/min (linear axis).

The Z-axis achieves this speed, despite carrying the rotary table, pallet and workpiece, by using twin ballscrews with independent drives.

Cutting feed rates are up to the rapid traverse figures for high-speed production.

Super Geometric Intelligence v4 (SGI.4) in the control ensures that accuracy is not lost during high-feed machining and monitoring software keeps a constant watch on spindle-bearing temperature and vibration during cutting.

The Professional 5 CNC system has been enhanced by adopting touch-screens similar to Windows.

Centralised data management is provided as standard and improved networking functionality makes it possible to transfer and edit files as though using a PC.

The twin-pallet MAG1 can be configured with an MMC2 automatic pallet transfer and storage system that includes work set-up stations.

As the machine shares the same pallet as the manufacturer’s A92 four-axis horizontal machining centre, both machines can sit within the same flexible manufacturing system.

Many clamping options are available to suit the type of workpiece to be fixtured, including vacuum and hydraulic systems and quick-mounting sub-plates with pull-stud bolts for external workpiece set-up.

The MAG1 is available in the UK from NCMT.

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