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Macroblock has launched a 40V, three-channel, constant-current light-emitting diode (LED) for LED architectural lighting applications.

The MBI6030 may cascade over 250 RBG LED clusters or large LED pixels at a distance of 2m between two clusters or pixels.

It provides 16-bit greyscales at a low clock frequency of 4MHz.

Designed with these two features, Macroblock’s MBI6030 allows longer transmission distance and performs billions of colour at a lower frequency, making it easier to design systems specifically in LED architectural lighting, LED curtains or LED strips, channel letters and neon replacement projects.

The MBI6030 addresses image data to each LED driver accurately with a two-wire-only transmission interface by token-passing topology.

In addition, the LED provides clock regeneration to assure signal integrity after long-distance transmission.

Furthermore, designed with S-PWM technology, the MBI6030 provides two greyscale modes: one 16-bit greyscale mode and one 10-bit greyscale with 6-bit dot correction mode, which helps to reduce the data transmission bandwidth at the same greyscale performance.

The MBI6030 provides constant output current from 5mA to 150mA and sustains up to 40V at the output ports.

It also allows a wide supply voltage range from 7V to 30V, which is suitable for 12V and 24V power systems.

In addition, the MBI6030 is embedded with a voltage regulator to support 5V power systems.


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