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MAG vertical turning centres are ideal for finishing large bearings and gearboxes used in machinery for the mining, construction, marine and energy industries.

A new grinding attachment adds surface finishing to the one-stop processing capabilities of MAG’s vertical turning centres (VTC), allowing finishing of ID, OD and plane surfaces on parts up to 4700mm (185in) diameter.

The machine is ideal for large bearings and gearboxes used in machinery for the mining, construction, marine and energy industries.

The system will be exhibited at IMTS on a MAG VTC 2500.

VTCs equipped with the new 22/33kW (29.5/44HP) grinding attachment can produce better than 10 micro-inch finishes and roundness of less than 60 micro inches, with diameter-size control of 0.025mm (0.001in).

The grinding attachment can utilise wheel sizes up to 400mm (15.75in) and produces 400Nm ( torque and a maximum speed of 3000rev/min.

Equipped for grinding work, VTCs are enhanced with a modified coolant and filtration system, hand-held wash wand, stainless-steel bowl enclosure with extra side flush, covers over the column ways, and a heavy-duty chip conveyor to handle grinding swarf.

Full X-axis travel on MAG’s VTCs provides room for a rigid dressing tool outside the work zone, allowing the machine to accept its maximum part size without restriction.

Normally stored in an off-line tool drawer, the grinding attachment joins live spindles, right-angle heads, horizontal adapters and other attachments that can be changed automatically on the VTCs for maximum machine uptime and single-setup part completion.

One of the most versatile turning systems for large parts, MAG’s VTCs in table size 1000 to 4500mm (39.4 – 177in) can already perform standard and hard turning, as well as live-spindle machining, contouring and part-probing operations on multiple sides and the full diameter of a part.

These machines are ideal for grinding applications.

They are FEA-designed for maximum strength-to-weight ratio, stiffness and rigidity, with heavily ribbed cast-iron or robust steel weldments used for major components, such as base, column and cross slide, depending on the machine size.

The adjustable cross slide, with MAG’s levelling technique and patented rail-clamping system, allows ram extension to be minimised during grinding for maximum system stiffness.

A wedge-lock tooling system with hydraulic clamping force of 150,000N (33,000lb) allows the use of tools up to 700mm (27.5in) long.

The 250mm-square (10in) hydrostatic ram resists torsion and vibration to produce superior surface finishes, and allows downward feed thrust up to 34,000N (7,600lb).

Cross-rail levelling with dual linear scales ensures parallelism between table and rail, with levelling accuracy of 10 microns (0.0004in).

Pre-loaded roller guideways enhance system stiffness and reduce friction for excellent contouring accuracy.

Tables are extensively supported with a combination of tapered roller and flat-thrust bearings to handle constant use at maximum load ratings.

The table design resists tipping with unbalanced loads, and superior accuracy is ensured with factory-specified maximum 0.005mm (0.0002in) table runout.

Table drives are rated 84kW (112HP) to 108kW (145HP), and capable of producing maximum torque of 17,113Nm (12, to 111,116Nm (81,

Full contouring with the table C-axis enables drilling, tapping or mill turning of features anywhere on the workpiece with contouring/positioning by 360,000-position table.

A standard 26-position tool changer accommodates six wedge locks and 20 modular tools.

Various options for the VTC line include expanded tool capacity, part and tool probing systems, pallet changer and fourth axis.

Fanuc 310i or Siemens 480D controls are standard.

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