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MAG presented a number of productivity solutions, including new machines to support concepts and tailored systems, at the recent EMO 2009 event.

MAG Hueller Hille has for some time produced its successful NBH horizontal machining centre.

The company has now produced a vertical spindle version, the NBV series.

The first model is the NBV 400, which was shown in Milan.

The machine has a small footprint and a modular design, which comprises a fixed table for three-axis machining, a tilting table (A-axis) for four-axis machining and a rotary/tilting table (C on A-axis) for simultaneous five-axis milling.

The NBV can be configured for a range of machining requirements and is suitable for die and mould, aerospace, medical, general machining or job-shop sectors.

Linear guideways on the X- , Y- and Z-axis provide suitable machine dynamics independent from the weight of the workpiece.

This results in traverse rates up to 60m/min and acceleration up to 6m/s2 for high-performance machining and productivity.

Design work has eliminated hydraulics and hydraulic oil from the NBV 400.

Tools are clamped by disc springs and unclamped pneumatically.

This reduces operating costs and energy consumption.

The company also presented the VDM 1000 from MAG Hessapp.

This vertical mill/turn centre is designed for heavy and large parts required by the aerospace industry or wind-turbine manufacturers.

The multi-tasking machine features five-axis machining capabilities, a parallel main drive, Y- and B-axis extension and an extra spindle for turning, boring and milling.

The work area and measurements allow for workpiece dimensions up to 1400mm in height and a 1450mm swing diameter.

With its drives, the VDM achieves high metal removal rates while the modular design caters for a variety of applications.

The spindle torque motor produces 25,000Nm, with traverse rates on the X axis up to 25m/min.

The machine’s sub-10-second tool-change time improves productivity, according to MAG.

The tool magazine can store up to 64 HSK100 taper tools.

At EMO, a gear cutting demonstration highlighted the machine’s multi-tasking capabilities and high performance.

One of the company’s ‘green’ developments – the ‘Ecomode’ – was demonstrated at the event.

Depending on the selected mode, this feature automatically levels speed and acceleration to provide a balance of performance and energy consumption.

While machining, the actual energy consumption and energy-saving settings are displayed on a monitor.

The machines can be equipped with integrated computer-aided-manufacturing support to check CNC programs for new workpieces on a virtual machine online.

Studies have shown that time and energy savings can be achieved with program simulation.

At EMO, MAG’s service and support organisation presented its range of maintenance, productivity and logistics solutions, introducing its new Cyclo series of coolants and tools.

Corcom, MAG’s core technology group, showcased new high-performance spindles, rotary tables and tool management systems.

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