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MAG Industrial Automation Systems has launched the U5-3000 universal machining centre, which features a 3m Z-axis for large aluminium and composite parts.

The U5-3000 is said to combine large platform capacity with long-reach 3m Z-axis and five-axis, five-side contour machining for efficient processing of very big aluminium and composite parts.

The machining centre is the latest addition to the company’s U5 family of gantry mills and is engineered to machine at extreme limits and into deep cavities of large prismatic parts.

Combined with Y-axis travel of more than 6m (20ft), unlimited X-axis travel, and high-speed 15000rev/min, five-axis spindle, the U5-3000 brings good machining efficiencies to tall, wide and long parts.

Its capacity provides versatility to large-part machining for aerospace, energy, marine, and die/mould applications.

The U5-3000’s modular, heavy duty gantry design is said to deliver the stiffness, range and performance to machine complex part geometries with accuracy.

A rigid box-way roller-bearing rail system and dual-motor rack-and-pinion X-axis drive provide smooth and precise movement, as well as high thrust levels on long-travel cuts.

Feed rates up to 20m/min (787in/min) optimise processing efficiencies on large part surfaces.

Five-axis/five-side processing allows manufacturers to machine more part features in a single setup for lean efficiencies and higher productivity, while reducing potential errors caused by multiple set-ups on high-value parts.

The U5-3000 comes standard with a 15000rev/min, 30kW (40.2hp), HSK63A gimbal-style contouring spindle that delivers up to 57Nm (42lb.ft) torque for high-speed, high-throughout cutting performance.

As options, 20000rev/min and 24000rev/min five-axis spindles are available.

The five-axis head features continuous C-axis to keep the spindle in-cut without running out of C-axis travel or waiting for C-axis to unwind.

A Z-axis ram with 508mm (20in) cross section provides high rigidity for precision and surface finish, especially with longer tools and extended Z-axis reach.

Flood and through spindle coolant keep cutting zones clear, with automatic chip and coolant collection systems available.

MAG said the U5-3000 is highly customisable to application requirements and can be field-expanded in the X-axis in 3.7m (12ft) increments.

Other features include automatic head change, choice of high-torque or high-speed spindles, and vertical, horizontal and custom designs.

Multiple head configurations optimise spindle access to complex and challenging part features.

Interchangeable heads help to minimise machine downtime, part re-orientations, and set-ups.

Other options include fixed tables, rotary tables and automated pallet shuttles.

MAG Industrial Automation Systems

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