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The Specht 500/630 horizontal machining centre from MAG has been designed to suit application requirements ranging from one-off work in job shops to agile machining lines.

The machine offers linear-motor or ballscrew drives, CAT-40 through HSK-100 tool interfaces, six spindle options, four control options and three five-axis configurations.

It is engineered around a box-in-box, moving-table design for low-inertia responsiveness and is said to deliver accuracies up to 4micron (0.00015in) with 260Nm (192ft/lb) full-torque cuts.

Designed to green standards, the Specht has a 1.8m (6ft) wide footprint and conserves energy with no warm-up, multi-step sleep mode, regenerative drives, half the normal coolant requirements and one-third the air extraction needs.

Its maintenance-friendly design is said to reflect Specht’s automotive industry lineage with front or rear spindle removal and one-cabinet fluid management centre for grease, pneumatics, coolant and hydraulics.

The Specht builds on five basic configurations with more than 100 options to deliver optimum performance at minimal cost, with customisable and upgradable machining solutions.

The base machine begins as a 500mm or 630mm pallet machining module with direct drive B-axis table (500 or 600kg/1100 or 1323lb payload), absolute glass scales, 10,000rev/min/15kW/CAT-40 (20hp) spindle, 40-pocket tool disc and changing unit, and Fanuc 32i control.

Directly coupled ballscrews deliver 60m/min (197ft/min) speed and 6m/sec2 (20ft/sec2) acceleration, while the moving-table design eliminates column movement during critical machining operations for accuracy of 5micron (0.0002in) and repeatability of 4micron (0.00015in).

The Specht’s one-piece cast-iron base and guarding are designed with near-vertical surfaces to ensure chip flow.

Standalone machines are equipped for self-contained chip and coolant management, while cell-based machines use individual pump back units for central coolant systems.

Through-spindle coolant at 300lb/in2, MQL and 1000lb/in2 coolant options are available.

The base Specht machine can be field-upgraded with different spindles, tool changers or auto-load systems.

Options for dual ballscrews or linear motors increase thrust, stiffness, velocity and payload with up to 11,000N (2472lbf) Z-axis thrust, 120m/min (394ft/min) speed, 15m/sec2 (49ft/sec2) acceleration (1.5G) and 800kg (1763lb) payload capability.

Linear motors permit circular and helical interpolation with boring-mill accuracy and repeatability of 4micron (0.00015in) and 3micron (0.0001in) respectively, without complex tools.

Five-axis machine configurations combine B/A or A/B with single or dual ballscrews or linear motors.

A total of six MAG-built motorised spindle options are available for the Specht to meet cutting needs ranging from high torque to high speed or combined high speed and torque.

The range includes high-torque units producing 6000rev/min speed, 55kW (74hp) power and 260Nm ( torque or speeds up to 16,000rev/min with 30kW (40hp) power and 50Nm ( torque.

Spindles feature 80 or 100mm (3.1 or 3.9in) hybrid ceramic bearings and closed-loop glycol cooling for durability and thermal stability.

Tool interface choices include CAT-40, CAT-50, HSK-63 and HSK-100.

The base MAG-built tool disc and changing unit offers sub-4sec ’chip to chip’ tool changes and accommodates 40 CAT-40 tools or 26 CAT-50 tools.

The disc allows direct tool change without a cam box or swapper arm, eliminating a maintenance point.

Tool capacity can be field-upgraded with chains for up to 160 CAT-40 or 110 CAT-50 tools that can be loaded during the machine cycle.

The Specht’s long Z-axis allows tools up to 550mm (21.5in) long to be used.

The MAG-built direct-drive rotary table is backlash free and requires no adjustment.

The table’s direct-mounted rotary encoder provides seven arc-second positioning accuracy.

Four-point pallet clamping ensures rigidity during high-thrust machining.

Pallet changes take 8-9sec, depending on machine configuration.

Control options for the Specht include Fanuc 32i and 21i, Siemens 840D or Bosch Rexroth MTX.

Software options include MAG’s Freedom Elog web-based production management system Freedom Eview and Omative Adaptive Control.

The Specht HMC is cell-ready and available with numerous pre-engineered and proven part-handling systems including pedestal robots, overhead gantries and robots, floor-level track-mounted robots, and the Cincron fixture storage and delivery system.

MAG supports the Specht machine with in-depth application development experience based on hundreds of auto industry systems.

Capabilities include part/process development, DFM/DFA engineering, cutting tool design and process simulation, prototype production and process validation, tooling, metalworking fluids, operator training and maintenance programming.

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