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Magna-Power Electronics has released the XR Series II of programmable DC power supplies for use in applications such as automated test equipment, photovoltaic emulation and motor drive testing.

The rack-mount series introduces 8kW models at just 2U (3.25in) high.

The company has incorporated variable-speed, load-dependent fans as a standard feature on the 6kW and 8kW models and low-speed fans on the 2kW and 4kW models.

The XR Series II features 70 models available up to 1,000V DC and 375A DC, ranging from 2kW to 8kW.

The series employs Magna-Power’s current-fed power processing to deliver control and system protection, with a greater tolerance to abusive loads.

All units come standard with 37-pin isolated 0-10V DC I/O for external control, RS-232 and IVI drivers for integration into nearly any programming environment, including NI Labview and Labwindows.

In addition, a variety of additional programming interfaces are available such as LXI Ethernet, USB and IEEE 488.2 GPIB.

A wide range of three-phase input voltages are all available as standard, from 208V AC through 480V AC, with single-phase 208/240V AC available as an option for the 2kW models.

The XR Series II satisfies requirements for a wide range of applications including automated test equipment (ATE), photovoltaic emulation, motor drive testing, semiconductor burn-in, battery charging, as well as a variety of research and development activities.

Magna-Power Electronics

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