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Magnachip’s 0.18um embedded EEPROM cell is compatible with generic, low-power and ultra-low-power processes at voltage levels including 1.8, 1.8+3.3V and 1.8+5.0V, for a range of applications.

The product has been achieved by adopting the SSTC cell structure (side-wall selective transistor cell) rather than the conventional two-transistor or split-gate type cell structure.

Magnachip’s EEPROM process also achieves advanced reliability characteristics with more than 30 years of data retention capability after 300,000 pre-cycles combined with an endurance of over 300,000 cycles.

A group of EEPROM Macro IP ranging from 1 to 128Kb is currently available and supported by Wingcore, a third-party partner of Magnachip.

These macros provide 30nsec access and 5msec write times within a -40C to 125C temperature range.

Magnachip Semiconductor

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