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Magnatech Fuel Conditioning has completed a contract to install magnetic fuel conditioning units to structural gas- and oil-burning equipment across five Ministry of Defence (MoD) bases in England.

The MoD has used this technology previously, when a number of bases were equipped with similar units.

Magnatech was able to install the units on all types of gas or oil burners from a single domestic to a large combined heating and power (CHP) unit or main boiler room.

The units are fixed to the outside of the gas train or oil line in a particular pattern.

The boiler remains in full operation during the process.

No pipes are cut nor is there a costly tie into any other third party for assessment of savings.

According to the company, clients regularly report a reduction in fuel consumption in excess of five per cent.

There is no maintenance and it is calculated that the magnets will lose just one per cent of their power in 100 years.

The units are installed in a number of central government and local authority buildings, as well as in factories of food producers and pharmaceutical companies.

Magnatech Fuel Conditioning

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