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Magnetek has announced that PVI-Central-100 kW units with 208V AC and 480V AC output voltages are available for delivery.

The PVI-Central-100 grid-tied system is designed for commercial solar applications such as office, apartment, or industrial buildings.

The inverter’s insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) reduce thermal energy losses for optimum performance, and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) maximises energy produced under varying light conditions.

A wide operating voltage range of 330-600V DC increases energy collected.

These commercial-grade inverters feature scalability in a common-enclosure package that is delivered preconfigured and pretested.

In addition to reducing on-site installation wiring and testing, this technology is cost-effective, with smaller footprints and increased reliability.

When the voltage drops below 300V DC, the unit goes off line, providing night-time disconnection of the transformer to eliminate unwanted losses.

A string combiner box is optionally available to parallel, protect and monitor all the photovoltaic strings and to enhance the monitoring and diagnostic capabilities of the system.

The unit’s standard five-year warranty is extendable to 20 years.

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